Yesterday I yanked out the remaining tomato, sunberry and tomatillo plants from the Earthboxes.  I added a bit more soil & some organic fertilizer & tossed in some seeds:  carrots, turnips, radishes, lots of mesclun & arugula, and three different types of kale (I love kale!  hate chard, love kale.)  I also planted some fava and peas (mostly for the nitrogen fixing properties).

I do have one tomato plant (a volunteer) left with a few tomatoes on it in one of the blueberry pots.  (I have to admit I’ve failed with the blueberries.)

Tomorrow I need to plant things in the side yard:  garlic, peas, and fava beans.  I also want to start some kale to transplant into the side yard.

I’m skipping broccoli in all its forms this year. Last year none of it grew well and what did grow got eaten by things.  Buggy things, of all shapes, sizes, and colors.  They left the kale and lettuce totally alone.