So far I’ve finished a pair of Husbeast and have cast on for Thuja and am about halfway through the first sock.

October goals:

  • Thuja done!
  • self-designed man socks
  • basic, ribbed house socks (though I could do these and have them count for the November SKA KAL)
  • finish the 2 pairs of in progress fingerless mitts
  • one pair of women’s fingerless mittens

Leaving me to finish before Christmas:

  • 2 pairs of women’s fingerless mittens
  • 3 pairs of women’s house socks (which fall under the December SKA KAL, but I don’t know if I’ll wait that long to start all of these pairs)
  • 1 pillow(actually started this)
  • 3 toys
  • 3-4 hats

Gardening:  got the garlic, peas and fava beans planted.  Planted some kale seeds in the seed starter thingy — those will be transplanted to the side yard when ready.  Otherwise we’re now in maintenance mode.

Other crafts etc:  I’m planning on making some candles & some melt & pour soaps today (more gifts). (Done!)

I also want to finally make some Poetry Stones.  I purchased the kit on sale at a Borders with the intent of making memorial stones for our pets.  I planned (and still do plan) to mix their ashes with the concrete, so they each have their stone, but if (& when) we move, we can bring them with us.  Anyhow, I’d like to get started this weekend.

Finally, any spinners out there?  Here’s a shout-out to MVFF for a fiber giveaway.  It’s a couple blog posts down, and ends October 11th.