Sw’Elegant, my new fingerless mitten pattern, is currently being test-knit; I’m planning on publishing the pattern in the next week. Here’s a pic of the prototype:

I’m also bouncing around ideas for another pair, Manzanita, with some wandering cables and lace.

Yesterday we had a rainy trip out to Tree of Life nursery in San Juan Capistrano.  We were going to hike first, Holy Jim Falls, but the road was so absolutely torn up (and Dave was worried if it really started raining hard, we’d get stranded) that we ended up turning around & just going to the nursery. We got more Heuchara and a Galvezia speciosa, which we planted today.  I also picked up some seeds:  Clarkia bottae and Phacelia campunalaria.

I yanked up the remaining squash vine this morning.  I did not do well with the winter squash.  We managed to harvest a couple blossoms to eat, but all the baby squash, of all the different varieties, rotted.  The last remaing tomato plant, however, is still trying to produce tomatoes;  it has a ton of flowers on it and has grown quite a bit.  The garlic I planted has sprouted, the kale is going crazy, the fava beans are doing okay.