It’s raining.

Yes, it most parts of the country, not that unusual of an event, but it’s not typical of our weather patterns in Los Angeles.  Not that I’m complaining, too much;  the plants are loving it.  I don’t have to water the garage roof EarthBoxes, or our valiant surviving fruit trees.  And we’ll get more poppies blooming, I’m sure.  We’ve finally managed to pull up nearly all the brown, gone to seed poppies.

But still.  Rain in May?

Oh — regarding roof top gardening — I noticed this past weekend that a neighbor several houses down now has plants on his garage roof!!!  I’d noticed several weeks ago he was undertaking a big woodworking project — boards everywhere.  Now he has lovely wooden boxes, with, it appears, veggies, on his roof.  We’ve started a trend!  (I will say his boxes are very pretty, much prettier than our Earthboxes & homemade, Rubbermaid Earthboxes.)