I’m getting excited about the Madrona mitten workshop. I leave Thursday morning, come back Monday evening.

I’m in the midst of the lace & intarsia  part of Emily.  Luckily I was able to use the same size needle for both parts, unlike I originally feared;  after initial swatching I thought I’d use a US4 for the Traveller and a US2.5 for the Gaia, but I’ve ended up using the US2.5 for both parts.  The Traveller is knitting up well, giving a tight yet squooshy fabric.  I think (hope) I’m still on track for finishing that section before the trip.

Of course there’s no other knitting of which to speak.

Garden-wise, we harvested another 20 or so tomatoes.  I’ve not tried to do any preserving;  we’re just eating them, usually in salad (mozzarella) or on sandwiches.