I always forget my blogiversary.  (Thank you, Teena, for reminding me!)

I’ve been blogging now since February 12th, 2005.  Originally I was blogging on Blogspot, and had three to four separate blogs:  one for knitting, one for triathlon, one for SCUBA (which got very so little action & attention it doesn’t even exist any more), and one for our current house.

In February 2007 I signed up for selfhosting my blog through Dreamhost, though it wasn’t until September 2008 I got the sunsetcat domain name and really set everything up. I imported all the old blog posts into WordPress at that time.

I toyed with various themes, settling in with Cutline. April 2010 I switched to Thesis.

I’ve gone from having all sorts of sidebar links, webring buttons, etc to, I hope, a cleaner look.   (Links to various useful sites are now tucked away on the Techniques, Tutorials & Reviews page.)

Obviously, since I’ve started selling knitting designs, there’s a lot on this blog that supports that business.  And, as I’ve posted before, I have little to no time now to knit other peoples’ designs, so most of the knitting talk revolves around work on my own DIPs (designs in progress). Once in a while I’ll comment on working out, travel, house projects, or the yard & garden.

However, this past year I’ve also tried to include more interviews (with indie yarn dyers and indie designers) and book reviews (whatever knitting books that catch my interest).  I’ve also held more giveaways, which are always fun.  I don’t want this to be about me ALL the time.

I know blogging is not as ‘big’ as it used to be — social media seems to be shifting to things like Twitter (to which I finally recently succumbed).  However, I still enjoy my blog, and hope you, my readers, do as well.