We had some hot days, relatively speaking, last week:  hot enough to keep clouds & fog from forming in our marine layer.  Bright blue skies, bright sunlight.  Great for going to the beach, of course, but….rotten for knitwear photography!

We (meaning Dave & I) need to do the photoshoot for the Malabrigo MFPP booklet.  I’d wanted to do it last weekend, but that just didn’t happen.

Now the cooler temps are back, so is our cloudy marine layer.  Photoshoot planned for Sunday!

The eBook will include a cardi, fingerless mitts, a hat, and a cowl.  I expect to publish it in the first week of September.


A lesson learned this week:   Don’t spill the dog’s fish oil onto anything.  Especially not the small rug on which his food & water dishes sit.  And don’t toss said rug into the washing machine, even on hot & with extra detergent.  (Just throw it away. Which is what we did eventually.)  And especially don’t let your husband (who’s just trying to be helpful) move it from the washer to the dryer…without smelling it & realizing the whole thing smells fishy.  Literally.

Apparently sometimes people accidentally put fish oil caps in their pockets (with the rest of their vitamins) and forget them.  Vinegar (multiple wipes) and fresh lemon juice (multiple wipes) seem to have fixed our dryer odor issue.

Rigel’s on fish oil now.  He should’ve been, just for his skin allergies, but now he’s on it for his newly diagnosed glomerulopathy — he’s losing protein through his kidneys.  He’s also on antibiotics and  enalapril.  He’s acting, of course, completely normal — this issue showed up on routine preanesthetic labwork.  We’re not sure of the cause — that’s often the case, there are so many things that can cause this.  But again, he’s acting his normal happy bouncy self.


Knitting-wise, I added a pattern (the afore mentioned hat) to the Malabrigo project.  I’ve finished a hat for the next big book.  I’m working on a hat for the Hitch collection (all the other projects from everyone got done, but this was a last minute fill-in).  Lots of hats for someone who doesn’t ever really wear them, lol!

Tech editing-wise, Hitch is taking nearly all my time.  As noted before, I’ll post on the tech editing page when I’m able to take on new tech editing jobs.