One of the things I love about the GAL is seeing other designer’s patterns.

Here are some of the patterns that leaped out at me! With thousands of patterns, it’s hard to choose just a few.

Fabulous Flats by BekahKnits.  Find Rebekah on Ravelry as RebekahJoy, and check out all her designs here!

I really want to knit up a pair of these for my mom. If I can get these done for the GAL, I’ll feel successful as a knitter! (I’m in awe of those who do the Opadoo!)


Chamomile Dreams by Susanna Winter. Find Susanna on Ravelry as Talvi, and check out all her designs here!

I love the interplay of the different colors and stitch patterns.



Arctic Blizzard by Katrine Birkenwasser. Find Katrine on Ravelry as birkenwasser, and check out all her designs here!

Beautiful random snowflakes? Flipping the charts for added interest? Bring it on!


Bramble Birds by Sara Huntington Burch. Find Sara on Ravelry as DinosaraKnits, and check out all her designs here!

Did you notice each framed bit of the stranding features a different bird? How awesome is that??? Also, check out Sara’s pattern page to see the gorgeous decrease pattern for the top of the hat.

Don’t forget to check out the Indie Design Gift-A-Long group on Ravelry to join in the fun!