Took these pics yesterday.  The poppies get a lot of comments.  More pics here.

Current Plant List

Apple Tree Bed Festuca idahoensis “Stony Creek” Malacothamnus fasciculatus chaparral mallow Penstemon heterophyllus Margarita BOP Erigonum parvifolium Verbena gooddingii Mojave verbena Achillea millifolium (dark pink flowers) Plum/nectarine Bed Achillea...

Such a tease….

….new pics of the front yard to be posted soon. Dave and our friend Mike have made considerable progress on rebuilding the trellises, fixing the wood and stucco around the windows that was damaged by water due to the construction of the previous trellises, and...

February Plant Pics

Ceanothus Originally uploaded by stephannie_t. Verbena Originally uploaded by stephannie_t. Leptodactylon — Prickly Phlox Originally uploaded by stephannie_t. .