Very few people really know who I am in LA Tri Club.

I mean, I’m fairly friendly, I always chat with people I’ve seen before, cheer on others in the uniform (Go LA!), help out/volunteer occasionally, etc.

I’ve won some pretty cool stuff (carbon fiber clip on aerobars! $250 ‘race rewards’ check just for finishing races as a LA Tri Club member!) and, given my tendency to shriek girlishly (and loudly) in excitement, well, people have remembered me for that.

However, as a back of packer, well, as nice as everyone is, I’m definitely nowhere near the ‘in-crowd’ of the club.

I’m thinking that something’s going to change this season.

Nope, I’m not going to become part of the in-crowd.

But I’m now going to be notorious for my tats.

There’s no hiding them while wearing a LA Tri Club shimmel.

Yes, I could hide them with a dri-fit t-shirt or a bike jersey, but I run hot (I’ve always tolerated cold better than heat) and I wear as little as I can get away with (I happen to lack much body consciousness, even if that’d be kinder to those around me, and tend to go for comfort over misplaced modesty) — i.e., tri shorts and a shimmel with a built-in bra.

I can’t hide under the anonymity of a baseball cap (as Mel pointed out) anymore.

Everyone, after a race or two, is going to know who I am.

How’s THAT for impetus to get better and faster and not be a whiny wuss????