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Spring Break Part Two

The 128 is a gorgeous drive although slow  — good at the start of a day, it would’ve been bad at the end, and we were very glad we’d decided to spend the weekend in Sebastopol as opposed to driving straight up from LA to Mendocino.

We stopped at the Anderson Valley Brewing Company and shared a sampler over a picnic lunch (meatloaf sandwiches, chips, strawberries) — we were fully prepared to splurge on a hot lunch but the brewery didn’t serve food.

We also stopped at Husch (recommended by Mr Talty) and Roederer.  We bought some wine at Husch — tasty & inexpensive.

We continued the drive through coastal redwoods (dark!  mysterious!) and then reached the coast!  Oh, I’d missed the ocean.   It was a gorgeous sunny day and the water was just beautiful.  We reached the Glendeven Inn early so drove on to Mendocino to explore, have some coffee, and check out the Mendocino Yarn Shop (a very nice LYS, I bought some roving).

We enjoyed wine hour at the Inn then just ate leftovers for dinner.

The next day, Tuesday,  was cloudy and rainy.  Before breakfast we ran from the Inn down to the beach then into Van Damme State Park.  I took a break to beach comb, finding pretty bits of sea-polished abalone shells — I’m such a magpie, attracted by pretty shiny detritus.

We had a beach horseback ride scheduled for 2pm just north of Fort Bragg, so decided to explore that direction.

We stopped at a beach to explore a bit:

We visited Pacific Star Winery, which is located on a newly discovered fault.

We also visited the Tattoo Museum at Triangle Tattoo (sorry, no pics allowed, so we didn’t take any.)

After that, we still had a little bit of time, so we visited a succulent nursery on the way back towards the stables.  We bought a couple plants included an Agave.

Then……despite the on & off rain…..on to Ricochet Ranch for our beach ride!

My horse was Zaed.  She was a brat (your basic feisty mare) and spooked and bolted (she didn’t like seeing another horse, a pretty Arab, have to walk over some rocks — go figure)  (which was probably the most exciting part of the the ride, the bolting, not watching the other horse) but was a lot of fun.  Dave was on JB, who was pretty mellow but who did take advantage of Dave by stopping and eating some grass.

By the end of the ride it was pouring rain, and we got soaked and cold, but it was still fun.

We treated ourselves to dinner out that evening at the Little River Inn (sitting in the bar so we could catch a glimpse of the sunset).  I was tired:

but check it out — I’m wearing two handknits, my Orsino Gathered Pullover and my Lady Eleanor!


Musing on the Tattoos

Very few people really know who I am in LA Tri Club.

I mean, I’m fairly friendly, I always chat with people I’ve seen before, cheer on others in the uniform (Go LA!), help out/volunteer occasionally, etc.

I’ve won some pretty cool stuff (carbon fiber clip on aerobars! $250 ‘race rewards’ check just for finishing races as a LA Tri Club member!) and, given my tendency to shriek girlishly (and loudly) in excitement, well, people have remembered me for that.

However, as a back of packer, well, as nice as everyone is, I’m definitely nowhere near the ‘in-crowd’ of the club.

I’m thinking that something’s going to change this season.

Nope, I’m not going to become part of the in-crowd.

But I’m now going to be notorious for my tats.

There’s no hiding them while wearing a LA Tri Club shimmel.

Yes, I could hide them with a dri-fit t-shirt or a bike jersey, but I run hot (I’ve always tolerated cold better than heat) and I wear as little as I can get away with (I happen to lack much body consciousness, even if that’d be kinder to those around me, and tend to go for comfort over misplaced modesty) — i.e., tri shorts and a shimmel with a built-in bra.

I can’t hide under the anonymity of a baseball cap (as Mel pointed out) anymore.

Everyone, after a race or two, is going to know who I am.

How’s THAT for impetus to get better and faster and not be a whiny wuss????


Excuse for not swimming!

This time it’s on my upper left arm. Pat Fish of Lucky Fish designed and inked it. Isn’t it gorgeous??? I love my kitties but this puts them to shame almost.

No swimming til it’s healed — not that I’ve been swimming anyway.

Feb 12th I’m getting the color done on it, so basically, I’m out of the water til March.

More time to run and bike.

The Carlsbad 1/2 is this weekend. It’s a nice course, a there-and-back with little rollers along the coast, with a nice downhill at the end.

I should do better this year.


First Tat

Almost done with the bag….Dave will be visiting his parents this weekend while I babysit the ‘kids’….should be able to get it done. Will post a pic when done.

One pic I will share now, of non-knitting content:

My first tattoo! Got it done last weekend in Santa Barbara by Pat Fish. I love, love, love it.