I’ve been posting my workouts on www.workoutlog.com and have thus been neglecting this blog.

Wildflower in two weeks! I feel both better prepared than last year but maybe not as prepared as I’d like to be. Since I’ve had my coach I’ve been much better about getting some cycling time in, going for lunch time rides etc. I’m thinner than last year and more muscular, and hills seem easier than before. I’m hoping to cut a chunk of time off my last year’s time.

I had to skip the duathlon — we’re doing our own frontyard landscaping and had gotten our plant, mulch, rock, gravel and decomposed granite deliveries and had to get everything done that weekend (because of the huge piles of materials and the plants needed to be put in the ground) (we were leaving on Spring Break the following Friday). Anyway, the six or so hours we would’ve spent driving to/from the duathlon as well as doing it was time we couldn’t spare.