The Eyelet Cardi is blocking as I type this!  I picked out a vintage pearl button for it from my tin o’ buttons.  I still haven’t picked out what I get to cast on today, though.  Or what WIP I’m going to tackle next.  (Logically, it should be the other of the planned Christmas presents.)

Yard stuff:

  • add Toyon to the list of considerations of Oleander substitutes
  • Still picking tomatoes
  • Need to start the seedlings for the bed/earthboxes for when I rip out the tomatoes

House stuff:

  • will be getting a tankless water heater.  Soon I will be able to scour fleeces!
  • no progress on the cabinets yet but I can start Monday (not working til Wednesday)
  • curtains — in progress.  I have a quote from Ann Wallace for curtains for the nook
  • no progress on the bathroom except I’ve tentatively identified sources for tile

Triathlon/Running Stuff:

This season was a total bust.  No triathlons completed.  Not one.

Things are changing, though.  Really.

Vineman 70.3 is my triathlon goal for next year.  We’re also planning on doing the Rose Bowl Half Marathon again (we did this last year) in December, and the Los Angeles marathon in March.

I’ve worked out a training plan through the half marathon already, with the runs based on a training plan from Runners’ World.  I also have bike, swim and gym workouts roughly planned (though those are of lower priority than the running, at least through December).