Some Mama Blue Troika, Sundara & Sundara.

Sundara, Sweet Georgia, and Nature’s Palette.

Sundara and Malabrigo.

It’s interesting to note I have no yellows or golds, and not a lot of dark colors except the browns and the two darker brownish purples. Actually I understand the latter: I try to pick colors that will show off textured patterns, and the darker colors don’t, overall.

On another note, I’ve entered all the St Brigid charts into Knit Visualizer.

Regarding St Brig:

  • adapt  to a top down pullover
  • decide FLAK with saddle shoulders or top down, set-in sleeves
  • V or scoop neck
  • shaping
  • researching  adaptations on Ravelry
  • swatch, swatch, swatch

February/March Knitting and Related Goals

  • Finish Twisted Sweater
  • Teach Sock Class and finish Hedgerows
  • Finish Orsino
  • do the above for St Brig
  • oh yeah, finish washing all the fleece that needs washing

February/March Gardening Goals

  • Herb raised bed
  • start seedlings
  • ‘stream bed’/ arrange river rocks
  • hypertufa troughs
  • fountain(s)

Triathlon Goals

  • Get *ss in gear
  • run 3-4x week
  • ride 2x week
  • gym/lift 2-3x/wk