Summer  Knitting and Related Goals

  • finish Curtis’ socks (the first sock needs some surgery, have yet to cast on for the second)
  • finish Helene (currently on the foot of the 2nd) 
  • finish Anniversary Socks
  • finish all the other socks I start!  (Lizzy, Rivendell)
  • continue designing & then knit my Mollusca fair isle vest
  • design & knit some sort of top down, fitted tank/cami
  • finish St Brigid
  • finish all other various WIPs or frog them
  • spin 10-15minutes per day
  • wash all fiber that needs to be washed
  • dye fiber

Summer Gardening Goals

  • Mini-meadow
  • Herb raised bed, add’l raised beds
  • start seedlings for fall planting
  • ’stream bed’/ arrange river rocks
  • hypertufa troughs
  • fountain(s)  including one in the mini-meadow

Triathlon Goals

  • continue to run 3-4x week (well, this is going fine)
  • ride 2x week (but this isn’t)
  • gym/lift 2-3x/wk (nor is this)
  • train for a fall half marathon (should go well….thinking Long Beach Half.  I’ve done this one before, but it’s a decent course & close *)

Actually, looking at the registration fee for the LB half….not so sure.  Other options for me:  Big Sur Trail 1/2, Napa Wine Country Half, some of the XTerra events.