Hmph.  Back to more learning videos.  I’ve decided to really tackle Illustrator next.  I can do schematics in Inkscape (which at this point I consider a fine, free substitution/fill in for Illustrator — we’ll see if that changes as I learn Illustrator) but really want to start using Illustrator for them.  Regardless, I’d like to get through at least one of the Illustrator basic courses & one for Photoshop, then play around with some of the more advanced Indesign tutorials before my free month runs out.

Knitting-wise, I’m working on some swatches for the TNNA Great Wall of Yarn, which is fun;  I’m working with some yarns I’ve not used before.  I have 2 new mitts currently at various stages (one twisted stitch, one stranded) and I’ve turned in several proposals recently (skirt, cardi, etc)(and have more to work on).  Oh, and just for grins:  I’m actually including a fair amount of lace in one of those patterns.  Go figure.  I am nothing but inconsistent.

I’m also working on revamping the Dave socks & Sw’Elegant in Indesign:  tightening up the pattern, layout, etc.  No real urgency on these;  I need to get the Dave socks done by June 1st, no deadline for Sw’Elegant.

On running:  Dave & I finally have race plans!  We recently volunteered at the Malibu Creek XTerra trail run & earned race entries.  We’ve decided on the 11k Pt Mugu race in October.  Please note when I say ‘race’, it’s just against myself.  Anything else would be an utter disappointment.

Regardless, I now have a goal race for which to train.

We’ve done this one before (if I recall I injured my knee and hobbled through the last half of the run) but it’s a good (but hard) course:  straight uphill, a couple miles of relatively flat, then straight back downhill, with some nice panoramic views at the top.

Here’s the elevation map:

And here’s the topo map: