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Madrona, here I come!

Woot!  Who else is going to Madrona?  This is going to be my first, and can you tell how excited I am?

I’m taking Catherine Lowe’s Full- Fashioning for Design and Fit and Jean Wong’s Fine Finishing classes.  Have any of you taken either of these?  Feedback?  Those are the only classes I’m taking right now, though I may try for a mini class or two just to have something different.

I’ve booked a room at the Murano and will, most likely, be seeking a roommate.  Any other morning people out there?


Sustainable Fibers & Old Oaks Ranch

Sustainable Fibers/ Texas Fiber MillOn the Thursday of our visit to Austin, I visited Sustainable Fibers in Elgin, TX.  I brought my mom along — she’d never visited a mill before, and we were planning on going to lunch afterwards.

We had a lovely time!  I’ve visited small mills before, so I was familiar with the process, but my mom was amazed.  Jacqueline is fantastic — passionate and incredibly knowledgeable.  Her husband, Mark, is a total sweetheart, and a knitter himself.  I’m going to be doing a layered lace cami design for them, using some of their lovely mohair blend yarn.

On Friday, Dave, my mom & I drove to Wimberley to visit the Old Oaks Ranch.  I met Anne, who teaches classes there, and did a small, impromptu trunk show with some of my samples. The various fingerless mitts were the biggest hits — Anne is going to plan some classes around them and sell hard copy patterns in the store.

My mom enjoyed seeing the alpacas.  The Ranch also has a gorgeous sculpture garden, which we  explored just before leaving for lunch.

Lunch was at the Leaning Pear — delicious!  We also visited some of the stores in town (favorite was the rock & mineral store, the Broken Arrow Rock Shop (scroll down)) and Bella Vista Ranch for olive oil and wine tasting.

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Fall Knitcircus Giveaway Winners! and Austin update

Back to Random.org to generate the random numbers:

Winner of a pattern collection and the skein of Handwerks in Sumac:  Comment #80 — Suzie

2nd pattern collection winner: 2 — Amy

3rd pattern collection winner: 10– Nicole

Congrats!  I’ve also sent email msgs or email msgs.


and….hello from Austin Texas!  We’re visiting my parents for a few days.  Of course I’ve combined it with meeting some yarnies — today we’re going to visit the Sustainable FibersTexas Fiber Mill, and tomorrow the Old Oaks Ranch.

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June Gloom is Done

…as of earlier this week.  Our mornings are dawning brilliantly clear.  The ocean temp’s gone up a few degrees just over the past week (I’ve been in twice, went body boarding Wednesday a.m. and splashing about (in the June gloom) last week).  The water’s now in the mid 60s — a little cold at first but refreshing and cooling.

Of course that means we’re not experiencing the unseasonally cooler air temps anymore.  I’ve turned into a weather wimp since moving back to California.  I wilt in heat (heat being anything mid 80s and up).  I know, pathetic, especially from the girl who grew up in Arizona (it’s a DRY heat) and has lived in New York state (very hot & steamy in the summer) and Austin and Bryan/College Station Texas (even hotter & steamier).

Zylphia‘s nearly done & Emily‘s been started.  I tweeted about my moment of happiness — the 344 lace stitches of the flounce successfully joined in the round without twisting.  Emily is going to have some rather interesting construction techniques;  I foresee a video tutorial.  I’m planning on having all the bottom portion of the skirt — all the fiddly lace & intarsia bits — done before heading to the Madrona Mittens workshop next week (but am planning on bringing the skirt to work on in the evenings).