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31 Tomatoes

I just picked 31 tomatoes off the Cherokee Purple plant.   I’m amazed at how prolific this thing is.  We’re not doing anything special to it.  Shoot, we’re not even watering it really.

There’s only so much caprese salad you can eat.

Perhaps I should try gazpacho or something similar….any ideas?


I’m not quite sure what I made….

…but it’s sort of tasty.

I think my rennet tablets aren’t working.  I have made mozzarella in the past (successfully) but this time the curds just wouldn’t form.  I finally ended up cooking the milk mixture like my ricotta recipe says, trying to salvage something, and ended up with this:

Here it is, hanging in the cheese cloth, draining:

And more tomatoes (the reason I was trying to make mozzarella — for a caprese salad):


End of the Week

I don’t know where the last week went.

(Well, I do;  it was spent either sitting on the couch knitting or in front of the computer working on charts, schematics, and spreadsheets.)

Work continues on the vest (and that’s all I’m saying regarding it). Don’t forget to enter the contest here!

The test knitting is almost complete on the Twisted Mitts, so I expect to have those published on Ravelry & Patternfish either this weekend or early next week.  I don’t think I’ve said much (or anything) about these;  they’re full mittens, sized for men, meant as sort of a small primer on twisted stitches.  The inner cuff is ribbed.  I knit these with the Black Water Abbey sport in Indigo.

Garden:  picked 16(!) (granted, many of them small) Cherokee Purple tomatoes this morning.  Did you know someone did a website just for this variety?  I’m sure my neighbors think I’m nuts if they don’t already — I ended up stretching out on my neighbor’s driveway to look up into our plant, seeking ripe tomatoes (found some that way, too!).  Grilled hamburgers with tomatoes for lunch tomorrow (I’ll make some buns)….tomato & mozzarella salad (I think I may try making mozzarella again, it’s pretty easy)….

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Knitting Adrenaline

I received the Pippin Black Water Abbey yarn yesterday and did a couple swatches today.  I’ve since played with the chart for the main motif & supporting cables, and I’m pretty happy with it.

I figure I have til Saturday to get as much done on it as possible before the new yarn arrives, and I have to really kick things into gear.

New yarn?

Yes!  I’m getting some 2 ply worsted in Haw from Marilyn at Black Water Abbey for a vest pattern for the Fall KnitCircus.    The original designer got injured and couldn’t finish their project (I don’t know who they are but I do hope they get better soon).  I, of course, decided that, although I can’t get a sweater done and in the mail in 2 weeks (it’s due June 21st) I can surely do a vest, and volunteered.

Hah!  I’m now a relief designer, not just a relief veterinarian!  Hah Haw! (No, it does not take much for me to amuse myself.) (NOTE:  As a relief vet, I fill in at veterinary clinics as needed.)

Anyways, I spent yesterday swatching like a mad woman, using and adapting different stitch patterns from Annie Maloney’s newest book, Aran Lace (review to follow), which I just picked up yesterday morning from Nancy.  I finally ended up with something I like, and it should be gorgeous in the Haw (if it’s not, it’s my fault, not the yarn!).

So, I will actually be doing a lot of knitting in the next few weeks;  and if a several other submissions go as planned, that knitting frenzy will extend through July.

As you can probably tell from the slightly manic tone of this post, I do enjoy this sort of craziness, though.

Other knitting & design stuff: the revised, updated & Indesign’d Dave Finally Gets His is up on Ravelry.

Cooking:  I made some cinnamon sweet bread today.  It’s tasty enough but it didn’t really rise well.  I don’t know why not.  The yeast (though stored well, frozen in the freezer in airtight canisters specifically purchased from the King Arthur catalog for that very purpose) is a little old, but it worked for the hot dog & hamburger buns.  Too cool in the kitchen?  Maybe, but I thought the bread machine takes care of that, being a little portable oven in & of itself.

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